dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology "Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza"
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology"Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza" 




Michele Trimarchi

(September – October 1991)


The electromagnetic field around us teems with images, sounds, words. If we would be able to see for a moment everything surrounds us, we could “go crazy”. The electromagnetic waves are, so to say, as a lot of rivers flowing and, at the same time, allowing to the boats to transport people and materials. In fact, when we decide to turn on television or radio to tune to a channel, we make a very selective action: it is as to think a single person when we know thousands of them.

In fact, such as radio or television, when the brain thinks someone or something, is tuned in that particular people, or thing, or place, activating that specific program pertinent to that person, or thing, or place.

It is obvious I’m introducing something of such vastness that  I will put off deepening throw others articles.

What we must well understand is that we are still in a sort of “Paleolithic era” compared with that knowledge we must acquire about the physical world around us, which we are “sons” and therefore an integral part of.

All the phenomena defined as “paranormal” could be explained by physics, chemistry and biology, but we completely engage ourselves to use science to yield profits, consumerism and all sorts of individualism.

This condition limits deeply the research of truth to the detriment of quality of life, environment, health and wellbeing. In fact, we have subdivided science in physics, biological and human, as the first one didn’t regard human being and wasn’t human science.

I think we are at the end of environmental and human manipulation now. We absolutely must put all sciences in service of human being and quality of his/her life, to re – establish the strongly altered balances, to try to care environment and to continue, as well as possible, our life on our planet. In Australia, a man continuously was hearing music in his brain and for this reason he turned to psychiatrist. It was discovered that music came from a radio station. That man’s brain, by strain chance, was decoding and monitoring the radio station in his cerebral cortical areas.

“Nature” produced us using the principles of matter and energy. Our brain, empirically, produced the radio, the television and all technological world, using those principles and, in the same time, energy, reveals itself little by little to our own consciousness with all its dynamism to acquaint us with evolution and life of Universe.