dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology "Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza"
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology"Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza" 


Michele Trimarchi

(April 2007)

Economy is a controversial matter, giving space to several projects, on short and long term, no one of which is concretely linked to the “economy of life”.
Space and time are interdependent variables and it’s just in space and time that life develops and performs. What is sure is that life is energy: all that exists is energy and as energy is part of life. Perfect physical laws rule not only universe’s life, but even that of every single atom: micro and macro are therefore ruled by the same laws, which allow life to exist on our planet. Birth and death characterize a genetic path, which is lasting since million years, whose story is written within the genome: every human being inherits past and lives in time and space to raise in conscience of such story and write a present in which to be finally free from impositions and automatisms of the past, learning to manage his wealth and becoming the “owner of the brain”. In fact, if everybody had conscience of time, and therefore of the energy, a human being has, everybody could create and perform projects, enjoying creativity. The project of woman and man is the same since ever and, beyond names and cultural codes, through their creativity they can build day by day the best that humanity has ever performed. The creativity of nature is so clear to our sense organs: the endless expressions of various life forms, the energy exchanges that take place in the communications among various species create great amazement and astonishment in those who can observe them. This happens just because human brain contains within the creativity of Nature. Therefore our genome, synthesis of a never ending story, should become conscience and consciousness of human being just as this, finally “owner of the brain”, develops the ability to sense, rejoice and create new energy forms as an artist who creates and rejoices with his works. Pleasure, satisfaction, enthusiasm, joy, love, are all states of energy which within the brain con offer woman and man the opportunity of becoming consciously useful energies for the entire ecosystem.
Thinking about all of this and observing the world in its today’s evolutional moment, it’s so dramatic thinking how woman and man, not yet owners of their brain, are far from the enjoyment and from the expression of their potentialities, letting themselves be pulled by the automatisms of perception, by memories, and by the interactions they undergo within the several social and human systems. Woman and man must be able to be born in conscience and consciousness, this is the fundamental condition to start living their existence and direct their individual growth oriented to make them happy of their becoming conscious. Being born, identifying the world around, developing the capability to consciously interact with the world using the body in the best way, and go on towards the claim of the psycho-physical and spiritual identity is the goal of life.
The intelligence of the brain is the tool through which it is possible to create projects, interact energies, create new communication forms, manage the perfect functionality of the body. Enriching second by second the “I” with knowledge allows to spend time in the best way with a continuous and constant benefit that can be defined as “physiological enrichment of conscience”, whose energy becomes the protagonist within the entire Universe.