dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology "Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza"
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology"Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza" 













Michele Trimarchi




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The inviolability of genetic memory of all living beings for a rural agro-ecological development protecting human rights


Saturday, February 20 2010 Castello Maria D’Enghein – Lecce

















Among many statements made by one of the greatest scientists of our time, Albert Einstein, one has impressed me the most: “From my observations I have discovered that two things are infinite: the universe and the human stupidity; and I have some concern about the universe.”

From my observations, I had to confirm that man really uses a very low percentage of his own brain. Many years ago I said that most genius men can use the brain not more than ten percent. With the advent of brain imaging, a technology that can observe the brain while it is expressing emotions, transcendent status, creativeness and when it elaborates projects, we had evidence that ten percent is hardly reached.

Therefore, we have enormous unexpressed potentialities, largely demonstrated even by my Neuropsychophysiological Theories about the hemispheric lateralization processes which, I hope, will be studied in the near future, so that man can become the owner of his own brain and therefore, start using it properly in order to reach that serenity and creativeness, which may help him to develop a world where, ignorance can be defeated by Knowledge through an Educational process that will allow human being to become wise since infancy.

This is why I was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1986, and for the UNESCO Prize for Education to Human Rights in 2000.





If we remove the human stupidity from the brain as Einstein was talking about, it becomes easy for everyone to understand why the genome of all existing organisms should not be manipulated but well respected.

During the 70s-80s, after verifying that the statistical method applied to scientific disciplines did not allowed to access the form of intelligence that every human being and Nature have, and by observing the fracturing and sectoring of knowledge which brought to the development of many scientific disciplines and specializations that are not able to communicate with each other, I have realized how important the Integration of Sciences is to highlight the Dynamism of Nature , the biological world and ourselves.

Is is not possible therefore, to leave aside a Multidisciplinary and Integrated Scientific Method for the study of Nature and our own Nature.

Through this scientific approach myself and others were able to verify that Nature does not make mistakes, since it is ruled out by perfect physical laws. Mistakes are seen by man since he doesn’t know the “evolutionary reasons” of Nature.

Atoms, molecules, cells and the entire organism constantly communicate and accumulate their evolutionary success within the genetic memories, whose results are expressed in the phenotype, “emotional” and behavioural, as well as the evolution of the infinite existing organisms.

I smile when I listen the statements of well renowned specialists, such as geneticists, biologists, chemists, biochemists, filled up with a knowledge that denies the Intelligence of Nature, and because of this, they decide the destiny of the entire ecosystem and the whole humanity.

How can judges decide “GMO yes” or “GMO no”, how can politicians and religious men, how can economists (a category to monitor constantly ) take the responsibility for the psychophysical and spiritual wellness of nature and mankind?

Over 30 years ago I have presented at the Campidoglio in Rome my “Neurophychophysiological Theory of Higher Human Brain Functions” and   how, the brain through several forms of energy/information, it is able to develop emotions, awareness, consciousness and behaviour, and I have hoped and still hope that human stupidity will be removed by a verified knowledge that allows the overall education to provide tools, capable of giving to human being the joy to live through the continuous discovery of this marvellous world which wants us to enjoy and not to suffer, since what brings suffering is only the lack of knowledge (and the conditionings) which conditions the brain not to see, feel and live the Dynamism of Nature and   all the surroundings.

We get excited by the smile of a child, by the effusion of a cat, by the singing of a bird, by the harmony of a flowery meadow, etc...

Now we have an army of “replicants” that are only able to repeat information provided ad hoc to keep the entire mankind slave of the ignorance.

And unfortunately it is only the arrogance driven by the ignorance that carries a system driving straight to self-destruction.

The violations of the Laws of Nature are responsible of the serious damages afflicting the entire mankind.

The mistakes of few, carried out over time, generates a huge confusion as in a chain reaction in the ecosystem and the consequences fall on the singles, on the families, in the societies, and countries worldwide.

Unfortunately, after exploring the human brain in every directions; at genetic, biochemical and biophysical level, i.e. at a Neuropsychophysiological level, I have found no “guilty”, as a matter of facts within the brain there is no guilty and therefore there are no guiltier.

This has been my greatest discovery: no human being commits crimes, generates suffering, makes damages, does consciously violence to innocence. Ergo: the “guilt” falls into the ignorance.

Ignorance is responsible for the world’s pains and the only available weapon to remove ignorance is a verified knowledge using an implicit “scientific method” present in Nature. As a matter of facts, the whole Nature and the human being contain within in their own DNA, within their own genome, a tool to measure and to verify every information which reaches the DNA of all existing organisms. It is only the violence done to DNA which forces the biological world, including the human beings, to act, live and exist in a way that is in opposition to the “genetic project”, which expects phylogenetically and ontogenetically, within its own time and space, the accomplishment of its own genetic content.

Doing further violence to the genome through opportunistic manipulation it is the most serious crimes which can be committed against Nature and ourselves.

Those pseudo specialists should stop, once for all, to blame Nature or DNA, for illnesses and diseases, as well as for the failures in the genetic accomplishment of several existing organisms.

The “irreparable” mistakes are most of the times produced by the ignorance of mankind.

As a child I was amazed by observing how a small seed buried into the ground could receive those signals capable to start to accomplish its own development and I was asking my self with wonder what kind of communication   was there between the land and the seed, and which kind of “technology” could allow all this. It would be just enough to stand there and think to be able to notice which harmony generates the ecosystem; harmony, symphony…all this is music for our limbic systems, freeing our emotion in front of such desire to live.

Stop with violence, stop with ground manipulation, land, air, water. Enough with limitless egoism, and exploitation of opposite situations to the dynamic interdependence of all the elements that constitutes our ecosystem.

Let’s develop Consciousness and Knowledge through the observation of natural processes, let’s help the recovery of the balances, let’s take part from the inside of the ecosystem to the development of a world that is available to all who will become observers and interpreters to help the rebalance of the ecosystem.

The truth will make you free, sane, joyful and harmonic. But how many Truth are there? One, none , hundred, thousand.

Science denies that the truth exists and in order to get this they blamed the brain with its false perception; that’s why they have used the statistic method, to the point that some scientists think that the statistic results are real truths, since with such results they “dare”, they pretend to explain mankind, Nature and also the paradox among the paradoxes: the physiology.

The physiology, as per definition, can not be statistics, since it describes the dynamism that develops from the interaction of the various constituents of “living” and “not living” systems.

This is an ancient story which can no longer convince anyone anymore, especially those who have not been brainwashed by pseudo-teachers or educators who pretend to teach or educate without knowing the etymology of the words.

The instructions can be given to a computer and with such instructions the computer can execute a program; education is much more, from ex-ducere, it means to acquire consciousness and knowledge and not undergoing instruction just with the reward-punishment method, a system still used, unfortunately, worldwide.

Long time ago, Pavlov have demonstrated that by associating the ring of a bell when food was given to a dog and then after a while removing the food and just ringing the bell, this was enough to activate the same physiological functions ( salivation) similar to the food.

What have scientists understood from this experiment? That the truth does not exist? Or, instead, what is the truth between the bell and the food?

This is the process that accumulates stupidity within the human brain, since it is conditioned by the reward-punishment method, largely experimented by Skinner, using mice in a cage, he was able to force the mice to behave in opposition to their genetics.

These are the principles that are used to developed great scientists, or the so called experts who afterwards affirm that the truth does not exist.

Of course I affirm this: Their DNA has been abused since childhood to deny this since, the only truths that was given to them by whom that had to undergo a similar educational process. Becoming adults, they have acquired position and authority to use the same conditioning methods to educate, method that abuses the brains since birth with the reward punishment model.

Therefore, it is not true that the truth does not exist, but the opposite is true. The truth exists, the human being is conditioned not to see it, not to perceive it, since the truth is replaced by the pseudo truth as the result of getting the reward and to avoid the punishments. All this has emerged clearly from the research about the activity of the two brain hemispheres, where the left hemisphere is conditioned and becomes dominant and the right remains genetically available to the physical perception of reality (Truth).

Plants and animals, that have not undergone an “educational” program as in humans, i.e. they have not been exposed to the conditioning and violence through the reward and punishments, therefore are able to express, trough their existence, all that is useful to their genetic expression which has been accumulated and experimented in thousand and thousands of years of their evolution.

The ignorance of men pretends, instead, to condition even the genome of plants and animals, and to apply the same method that he has undergone to plants and animals.

Therefore, if we search the reason why Nature rebels consider for a moment children that are refusing violence, school and society, and we’ll find the answers to the questions that we are looking for: who are we, where do we come from and where are we going to?

I think that the time has arrived to give to the whole mankind concrete and unequivocal answers.






From all of this the Ethics of inviolability of the genetic memories of all living beings, clearly emerges that, it is not based on mere statements of principles, but on scientific unequivocal foundations.

Science and Consciousness must go hand in hand together: Science must supply Knowledge and Knowledge must increase and strengthen Consciousness.

None on Earth can deny the fundamental right to life and existence: these are unalienable rights protected by the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. This declaration was born out of the human suffering and pain produced by World War II, when the world paid momentous and grave prices to free themselves of the folly of discriminating against life in all its forms and manifestations.

In fact, article 1, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights…”

This means that what distinguishes every human being is the Dignity that is acquired through conception, because of this, the Right to Exist is recognized as an absolute, inalienable and indiscriminate value, and as such it must be always and however respected. Dignity contains within itself the biological ontogeny and phylogenetic, which are the evolution history by which every human being becomes a responsible carrier within his own time and space, in the moment that he becomes aware of such value.

In Education, in fact, since childhood, it is fundamental to make every individual to be aware of the value of his own life, and therefore his own dignity.

The value of Dignity is extended also to Nature: all of plants and animal species have their own evolutionary phylogeny and ontogeny and all together we form the ecosystem. Understanding all this means to participate positively to evolution and this will allow us humans to discover moment by moment the wonders of a world which educates our consciousness; and this happens when many scientists and not, enjoy admiring or empathizing with all the positive aspects that the world of plants and animal offer to those who can be good observers.

In conclusion, observing, loving and respecting Nature, it is like discovering ourself and therefore to become aware of our own evolutionary history.