dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology "Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza"
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology"Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza" 





Michele Trimarchi


“Don’t worry”, “forget”, “sleep on it!” “leave it”, “let’s go beyond”: these are commonplaces, often carelessness repeated, when people attempts to solve problems that often trouble, keep her awake and poison her life.

In this way, a lot of unresolved situations are transferred to unconscious, undermining the development of own personality foundations and, above all, the harmonization of own consciousness.

Few people know that the brain can’t forget, but metabolizes some situations that same times remain memorized into the neurological structures of the brain for many years on end, that condition the behavioral expression of individual, usually for life.

The unresolved and un - cleared conflicts inevitably cause psychopathological disorders (psychosis, neurosis). Than one tries by “pills” to solve the “problems” that hasn’t be fairly and at the right moment tackled and resolved.

The therapy and, above all, the right prevention of the psychopathologies is to understand  and to solve the problems time by time, calling for help whom is able to give it, but one should never have unsolved situations into his own brain, because these, every time, will unexpectedly be felt: the brain, when specific stimuli are present, recalls those problems,  a lot of years later too, bringing back its to consciousness and making those sensations, emotions, sorrow lived again.

So, we mustn’t forget, but turn unsolved situations  into a sort of positivity that permits to understand own mistakes, above all to improve own mental conditions and to give own life that “clearness” and coherence which a more human society is based on.

Considering that hope must be the last to die, we wish for next year that mankind can positively consider the past in the present for a best future.