dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology "Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza"
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology"Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza" 


Michele Trimarchi

(July - September 2004)

How many thinkers, doctors, scientists, during History, have “split” their brain in the attempt to understand soul, spirit, conscience, “I”, Super “I”… They produced a lot of books to describe their hypothesis and theories, books from which everybody draws to form ideas and beliefs, trying to understand the endless human behavioural expressions. The question should be which are the cognitive instruments through which mankind stands in front of these books, hypothesis, theories. Most of the thinkers have disputed with all the tools they had to demonstrate their theories, and when these went over the scientific acquisition of that historical moment, they’ve been ridiculed, ostracized, considered as mad. Those who tried to assert themselves found the opposition of the “power of banality”, that silenced in several ways them who were offering important knowledge about life, since they were advancing the times human beings take to experiment, through endless problems, the research of possible solutions to the same problems.
Never like at this moment the chaos is ruling, and the chaos, within the mind, generates discomfort, uneasiness, conflicts, that impact on families and society and on the individual. Psychosomatizing of mental imbalance can alter the metabolism and the cellular and organic communication, producing epidemically serious illnesses, which involve mind and body; on the balance we operate through “cures” and therapies which start, in many cases, chain reactions producing a functional disorientation with disastrous consequences.
The medical art still has a lot of limits to be overcome, so as psychiatry, that goes on administering so called symptomatic drugs, which alter neuronal physiological processes, making organic and complex the acting psychopathology. The real organic damage, as a paradox, is therefore produced by the “cure” itself. We can quote any psycho-drug, as all of them alter physiological processes. Let’s consider for example benzodiazepines, administered to increase the inhibitory action of GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid), but GABA is physiologically activated by our reasoning, behaviours, emotions, which show themselves within us on the base of our capability to relate to the world around. So, if we developed a conscience, an “I” capable to decide – after identifying the several forms of energies (information) and choosing all that enriches and enhances our research of harmony – GABA, serotonin, dopamine, every of our neurotransmitters and neuromodulators would perform its own function producing the right emotions and all of us would be happy independently on the outside situation. On the contrary, we suffer the arrogance of those who impose everything without demonstrating anything, and most of human beings, victims of ignorance, do not verify the utility and the veracity of whatever they are told or administered. Sometime it’s enough reading the information leaflet of psycho-drugs to realize the level of confusion. How’s all of this possible? How is it possible diagnosing an illness without giving the person conscience about the reasons that produced it? And therefore, about the reasons and the utilities of the drug, considering that the cure should always consist of the removal of the causes.
Educating, educating, educating: this is the real cure to all of the world diseases and to every psychopathology, i.e. “e-ducěre” the conscience of what is not to be done by unequivocally demonstrating that what has been done alters the functional physiology of the mind-body unit. In this way we could avoid the existing conflict on the several “cure” methods: Chinese, ayurvedic, naturalistic, homeopathic, official and unofficial… That’s enough with this confusion, we are tired of all what is administered without demonstrating through facts its real utility for the human being.
Educating, therefore, means giving a conscience, i.e. removing the causes that altered the physiology of organic processes and that prevent that biological Intelligence, which rules all of life forms, from acting and keeping those dynamic balances being fundamental for our spiritual and psycho-physical well-being: mens sana in corpore sano, and viceversa.
The conscience frees the person from slavery and ignorance, and Neuropsychophysiology demonstrates to the individual the causes of one’s diseases and psychopathologies, i.e. the causes of the alterations of perfect genetic processes that need dynamic balances produced by the continuous dialogue between outside energetic environment and inside dynamism, a dialogue intermediated by the conscience which has to, instant by instant, get rich of useful knowledge for one’s well-being. The greatest “enemy” of the education is the continuous repetition of mental models and ideas that condition the physiological dynamism of the development of conscience, preventing the individual from integrating all of the useful information for one’s cognitive growth. Understanding the reasons and the aims why the things exist is “conditio sine qua non” of the development of the conscience, otherwise it’s the chaos.