dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
dna cervello coscienza consapevolezza educazione
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology "Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza"
International Society of Neuropsychophysiology"Dal DNA il cervello, dal cervello la coscienza" 





Michele Trimarchi

(2006 July – September)



If you want to free yourself from fears, you must get out every “if”, “but”, “perhaps”, “it’s difficult”, “I don’t rich” of your head Doubts and uncertainties absolutely reduce self – esteem or mean lack of self – esteem.

Self – esteem – that we certainly mustn’t mistake for paranoia or megalomania, that is self – glorification, is related to the ability to use own intelligence to identify, in own environment, everything useful to realize own projects anyway aimed to test own consciousness.

Consciousness  is the same as knowledge: the more I know my potentialities, my own psychophysical energy, the more I can know the word around me and project my own evolutionary process, and the term “evolution” means increase of self - consciousness and in consequence of self - knowledge of own potentialities related with the world around.

The biological birth holds in itself an evolutionary process that puts human being into condition to discover the world and to identify himself with his own self - consciousness, as “pilot” of his own brain and his own existence.

The body, in its psychophysical wholeness, becomes a powerful instrument if it is trained by self - consciousness. But, usually it is trained by memories acquired by experiences and external inputs that remind those memories, so that  emotions and behavior are conditioning.

The self – conscious people doesn’t be distracted or taken in from external stimuli, but decides from time to time the usefulness what is said, proposed, made him for his own growth up and evolution. So, and only in this case, he is the owner of his own brain and his own body.

Who is self - conscious relates to environment by sense organs, through the inputs that enter into the brain: but it is always necessary to distinguish the physiological information, that is natural one, no codified by man, so true, real, and artificial information, in other words those codes, symbolisms, rules and conventions constructed in Man History as models that condition human brain to automatic behaviors that exclude self – consciousness, as the own ability to train own brain. This caused a pseudo – educational model based on rewards and punishments, but rewards and punishments are always a conditioning form that trains human behavior excluding self - consciousness, evolution and active participation of human being to life. Such method causes fears, doubts, sense of insecurity, inability to decide, and who is hidden by conventions, rules, models makes it to avoid suffering punishments, judges, disapprobation.

Life is wonderful when every self - conscious person finds his own actions and the realization of his own projects rewarding, and exclusively in this case self – esteem and self – confidence develop.

We can analyze the concept of self – esteem if we add that to be aware of own actions in accordance with own projects is the only possible way for the resolution of both own interior and interpersonal and social conflicts.

Certainties remove fears so only the truth makes us free, and we don’t invent the truth: it is always existed like that and is disposal at the verification of our brain, of our DNA. That’s why natural inputs are the truth for our brain and consist of that universal “language” that is both at all the human being of the Heart and every form of existing life disposal.

Every stimulus is energy, and the energy continuously acts and works as information/transformation’s forms from every point of view, both physical and psychical.

It is sufficient to look at the fact that a bodily lack of fluid turns into a psychical request of water, and a lack of nutrients turns into a psychical request of food, so it stands to reason that there isn’t any separation between mind and body. Psychical energy puts in action all body’s metabolism and the metabolic requests become psychical requests, and if the devil couldn’t have an hand in this the physiology of our brain could permit us to maintain a psycho – physical wellbeing condition that nobody could alter, because the psychical requests would be perfect to satisfy those physiological needs  aimed to the maintenance of those dynamic balances that give us serenity and joy of living.

“Devil” consists of the pleasure we feel because of both food (nutritional information) and visual, olfactory, acoustic, tactile inputs … that anyway are stimuli, so informational energy. Pleasure into the brain might be functional to maintain own dynamic balances  and own conscious evolution, but if we mix sugar together with water when  we have to satisfy the need to give water to our body, we have altered a perfect biological process: if it was pure water our hypothalamus will say “that’s enough” when the lack is reset, but if we use sugar or drinks or something else, we stimulate the limbic centers and from that moment we are “obliged” to request that sugar or those drinks or everything conditioning the request over the physiological satisfaction. This is strongly evident in use and abuse of drugs: everything becomes drug when there is addiction.

This mechanism causes metabolic imbalance, obesity, stress of same organs as kidneys, liver, heart, that must eliminate everything unnecessary to our organism (and to our evolutionary growth) because we don’t perceive anymore the signals from own hypothalamus as the “pleasure” that caused addition alters the physiological request and dominates the behavior that, sometimes, begins obsessive/compulsive.

That’s why self – consciousness is necessary, so that when we need water - that hasn’t taste, either smell, or color – we must give only water to our body: that is the only way in which our hypothalamus shall say us “that’s enough” and we shall avoid to strain our organs and our psyche.

We must reflect upon everything that genetically induces human being to self – realization so that everyone, by his/her self – consciousness, could respect his/her own psychophysical wholeness and everything useful to maintain it. This condition prevents each organic and mental pathology.

Self - consciousness allows everyone to identify information in its usefulness to maintain his/her own psychophysical wellbeing and only with the attainment  his/her wellbeing everyone will be aware to be able to access into his/her own conscious spirituality. Conscious spirituality consists of that self - awareness of spiritual values that allows both the self – esteem throw the success of own actions and a continuous and constant process that favorites own self - expression throw a sound body and an harmonious and physiological brain, and this is a condition without which it could not be possible a concretely spiritual self - expression.